The high spot of the summer season is our active pool scene.  A full service restaurant and bar provide resort-like services.  Enjoy your favorite food and beverage with either poolside table service or at your chaise lounge.  The pool is a great meeting place for families with activities orientated toward both adults and children. During warm summer evenings members enjoy casual dinners and musical entertainment alongside the pool. 


General Pool Rules

  • All members and guests must comply with all State of New Jersey Sanitary Codes, including rules and regulations posted at the pool. 

  • No person with any kind of skin disease or bandages will be permitted to use the pool.

  • The club assumes no responsibility for the safety of anyone using the pool.  Members and guests must at all times conduct themselves at the pool in a manner that will promote the safety and enjoyment of the facility.

  • Running is absolutely prohibited in the pool area.

  • Individuals are requested to shower before entering the pool area.

  • No glassware is permitted on the pool facilities at any time.

  • All members or guests using the pool facilities do so at their own risk. All injuries or accidents must be reported to the Pool Manager or General Manager.

  • No one shall use the pool unless a lifeguard is on duty.  The pool manager or lifeguard is in complete charge of the pool. The pool manager or designee’s decisions are final in matters pertaining to safety of the bathers. 

  • All members must sign in. Members are responsible to sign in their guests.  First time offense will be a warning.  Second time offense will be suspension of pool privileges for 10 days.  Members’ children over 29 years of age and grandchildren are considered guests. 

  • The “pool area” consists of the main pool, wading pool, locker rooms, food service area and pool bar.

  •  No beverages permitted in the pool.

  • No one under the age of 21 is permitted to sit at the pool bar. That means all children.

  • No food service on Mondays


Children’s Pool Rules

  • Children under 4 years of age may use the designated handicap restroom and shower facility when accompanied by an adult.

  • Only children who are toilet trained shall be permitted in the main pool.  Children in diapers are permitted in the wading pool only and must wear swimming diapers or leak proof diapers in accordance with the NJ State Health Law.

  • Diaper changing must be done in either the handicap restroom, men’s pool locker room or women’s pool locker rooms.  All diapers must be disposed of in a sealed plastic bag.  Diaper changing elsewhere in the pool area is absolutely prohibited.

  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied to and from the pool area and monitored by an adult member only.  Member’s children or grandchildren over the age of 10 do not require accompaniment to and from the pool area.  Children 9 years of age and under may be left with their nanny but may not leave the club property and the adult member must inform the club office and Pool Manager of his/her whereabouts so that he/she may be contacted in the event of an emergency.  Children over the age of 11 and children left with the member’s nanny must be qualified to swim in shallow and deep ends of the pool.

  • Changing or disrobing children in the pool area is prohibited.

  • A designated area is set aside for children under the age of 2 where they may be attended in strollers.  It is located in the immediate area of the wading pool.  Strollers are not permitted in other parts of the pool area.

  • Adults are permitted in the wading pool only when supervising a child in the water.  Children are prohibited from using the wading pool unless accompanied by an adult.